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Our environmental commitment reflected in the formulas we develop.

Since the Cleaning Line was just an idea, we knew that our environmental and quality commitment had to be reflected in our new products. Because of this, we have been careful when selecting raw materials, seeking that each one of them be biodegradable, free of nonylphenol compounds and approved by the FDA. In this way we were able to develop detergents up to 100% biodegradable, free of phosphates and nonylphenol, avoiding a negative effect and accumulation on water bodies and their ecosystem.

  • Free of nonylphenols: these compounds are deposited in the tissues of fish, aquatic organisms, and mammals, generating a negative effect on their sexual development, leading to an ecological imbalance.
  • Free of phosphates: high levels of phosphates in lakes and water streams promote the proliferation of algae and aquatic weeds, which end up killing fish by depriving them of oxygen in the water.
  • Biodegradable: detergents are easily degraded by microorganisms and therefore disappear quickly, avoiding water pollution and accumulation in rivers or landfills.

In fact, did you know that...

Bioaccumulation of noniphenol generates alterations in the synthesis of the protein associated with vitellogenin in fish, causing multi-hormone dysregulation that leads to feminization of fish.

-In mammals, such as male mice, adverse effects associated with hormone deficiencies, fructose metabolism disorders and testicular oxidative damage appear.

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Author: Research, Innovation & Development team | April 17, 2023.