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Environmental sustainability: the new goal of industries.

The global climate emergency that we are going through, which is becoming increasingly urgent, has led us to change our priorities by understanding that our activities have an environmental impact, making it necessary to rethink our actions and consumption habits, in order to mitigate the climate crisis. This premise has also led the industrial sector to take on challenges and opportunities for transformation towards a circular economy.

In this regard, some companies in the plastics sector are committed to improving their environmental obligations, entering a transition stage until they fully meet the objectives proposed by local government agencies in the medium and long term.

In this process of searching for alternatives, some strategies that have been implemented on a macro sustainable scale include: training providers on relevant environmental topics, creating a sustainability chain; implementation of new technologies that lead to more efficient processes; logistic improvements that optimize fuel; environmental awareness campaigns that include the end customer, as they are a valuable part of the cycle closure, making them aware of their responsibility as an actor in the productive chain; research for alternatives alongside Universities, resulting in the creation of companies with innovative solutions, opening new markets with potential to explore; improvements in product design, taking into account the end of its useful life and favoring its reuse and/or recycling; opening new recycling plants in the country, adding value to what was believed to be waste.

Just like these initiatives, at Colarquim S.A.S. we also join this commitment, which is why we have been implementing strategies that help us reduce our environmental impact. Below we mention the main ones:

  • Adaptation of a wastewater treatment plant to adequately manage the effluents resulting from our processes.
  • Expansion of our portfolio with environmentally friendly products that help our customers comply with their environmental obligations.
  • Internal management of hazardous waste disposal with a third party company.
  • Purchase of post-industrial supplies for different processes in our plant.
  • Raising awareness through our communication channels.
  • Circularity of the by-products obtained in the extrusion process.
  • Separation and disposal of waste according to Colombian regulations.
  • Support for recyclers in the sector.
  • Training for personnel and customers interested in sustainability issues.

We all make the change!

If you have any questions or require more information, you can contact the Masterbatch Plant located in Sabaneta, Antioquia by phone: +57 (604) 444 80 97 or by e-mail:

Autor: equipo de Investigación Planta MB | 7 de febrero de 2022.