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About us

We are a company dedicated to the development, manufacture and commercialization of color solutions, chemical auxiliaries and biotechnological products for the industrial sectors of paper, masterbatch, textile, construction and cleaning.

In this company we love people, that is why our added value is based on the human talent with which we are equipped. 

In fact, we are convinced that it has been only through the efforts and work in synergy of a highly qualified team that we have been able to develop tools that allow us to offer a personalized and immediate service, positioning us as a strategic ally for the productive processes of our customers.

An organization with trajectory and purpose.

Since May 24, 1994 in the city of Barranquilla, Atlántico, 29 years ago, we began to create the chemicals and colors with which we dreamed of the future. Today, we continue to make it a reality through the supply of products that, in addition to complying with the stipulated quality precepts, are accompanied by an excellent technical-commercial service at all sales stages (pre-sale, sale and post-sale). This conviction has been anchored in the fact that we would be nothing without the certainty that our stakeholders are begin highly satisfied.
As a result, our journey has influenced the experience that now enables us to offer solutions that enhance the quality, functionality, and performance of the different transformation processes that support the industries in which we are immersed. Therefore, the challenge that we always love to take on is staying one step ahead of the market and its trends,looking to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, who, between us, we prefer to call friends.

On the other hand, we are firm believers that our human talent is the one truly stealing the spotlight because they give meaning to everything, being the driving force that has set this dream in motion with purpose and resilience.Knowing that, knowing that good ideas without management aimed at developing the potential of those who make them possible are just that: good ideas, drive us to understand that people are the most valuable asset we have. All our objectives revolve around this premise because, in the end, it is the synergy and the sum of the efforts of many that enable the continuous development of innovative products, solutions, and processes.
Finally, our honesty, integrity, loyalty, respect, and responsibility, as overarching corporate values, has been a fundamental piece in our rethinking over all these years.

Environmental care as a purpose.

We adopt strategies and activities that meet the organization's needs while preserving, protecting, and improving the human and natural resources that will be need in the future. 

Colarquim S.A.S. believes that environmental sustainability depends on everyone. Help us make good use of everything we produce through conscious and timely recycling!