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Two-way evolution: Colarquim & the plastic industry.

Until a few years ago, the plastic industry was uniform. Most of the market demands were concentrated on offering and demanding the same containers, shapes, materials and colors. Variety was minimal, and thus being able to highlight and promote a different promise of value was an even more complex challenge.

Today, the story is told differently. In this new decade we can find as many molds and geometries as there are colors in the sector, which implies that the physical appearance of the articles is more linked to finding processes that mean technology, aesthetics, design, transformation and innovation not only in terms of what we buy, but also in what we offer.

For this reason, Colarquim, as a solution provider, has been given the task of investing all its effort, knowledge, research and trajectory in the contribution of color to the specific needs that thermoplastic transformers require. The above, having as a transversal premise the consolidation of a highly certified work team to develop and tune to measure, covering the specifications required by the interested parties.

In addition, we provide technical advice in order that the expectations of our clients are exceeded in the best way. Consequently, we retain the conditions that allow us to be aligned with the end use for which the color development is intended. In fact, knowing the field of action in which it is involved (pharmaceuticals, auto parts, cosmetics, food, household line, etc.) is as important as the highest quality materials that we use to carry out your request: materials colorants, additives and resins.

Finally, if we can give you our warranty, it is that each masterbatch we produce is designed for your needs and has been taken care of from the smallest detail.

If you have questions or require more information, you can contact the Masterbatch Plant located in Sabaneta, Antioquia by phone: +57 (4) 444 80 97 or by email at

Author: Masterbatch’s team | January 27, 2020.

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