Learn about the story behind our cleaning line.

The Cleaning Line was born during one of the biggest crises humanity has faced in recent years: COVID-19. Due to the urgent need to protect ourselves against this deadly virus, in which personal care and biosecurity in the environments became vital, we began manufacturing and commercializing specialized products in April 2020.

At that time, quaternary ammonium disinfectants, glycerinated alcohol, gel and antibacterial soap were the main offers in our portfolio. However, today, three years after our beginnings, we decided to revolutionize our proposal for cleaning and disinfection solutions so that it reaches more industrial sectors!

The foregoing was the result of a search to reconcile the hygiene need with the care of the world we inhabit, in which our Research, Innovation and Development team has played a leading role.

Finally, our new wagger on disinfectant and detergent products was designed and formulated under physical-chemical and biodegradability properties, whose ultimate goal is to provide ideal cleaning and disinfection solutions for the food, beverage and agro-industry industry, maintaining our home care offer.

If you have any questions or require more information, you can contact our main office located in Barranquilla, Atlántico by phone: +57 (605) 377 3010 or email servicioalclientebq@colarquim.com

Author: Research, Innovation & Development team | September 7, 2022.

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