We provide a wide range of sustainable solutions with the best auxiliaries and specialties for cleaning, coloring, finishing and fiber prints. Our products, in addition to their environment friendly contribution, allow our customers to optimize their processes under impeccable quality standards.


We offer a high range of dyes that can be applied to the various dyeing processes in cellulose fibers and polyester and cotton prints.

  • Directs (cotton).
  • Reactives (cotton)
  • Dispersed (polyester).
  • Pigments.


We have auxiliaries for the preparation, dyeing and finishing of fibers. These solutions, in addition to their enviroment friendly contribution, offer prestige and allow our costumers to optimize their processes under impeccable quality standards. (STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®).

  • Dispersants.
  • Wetting.
  • Detergents.
  • Antibreaks.
  • Heavy metal catcher.
  • New generation fixers.
  • Equalizers.
  • Neutralizing.
  • Optical whitening.
  • Acid.
  • Neutral.
  • Amylase.
  • Antipilling.
  • Catalase.


We offer custom-made softeners according to the customer’s requirements in their final product. For this, we use a wide range of silicones of last generation.

  • Nano emulsions.
  • Micro emulsions.
  • Macro emulsions.

Clothing line

We have availability of a variety of products for the garment line, satisfying the needs of our customers under the optimization of solutions for their processes.

Enzymes for reservations

  • Stone.
  • Compound to degum.
  • Peroxide stabilized.
  • Indigo clarifier agent.
  • Scale softeners.
  • Pigments and colorants for fashion effects.

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