Our commitment to environmental sustainability allows us to offer a wide range of biotechnological products, as well as process and functional chemicals especially for pulp preparation and paper making. The above, we do it under the fulfillment of standards that promote the integrity of the final consumer.

Functional products

We have an assortment of products focused on providing color solutions, whiteness, deinking and improved strength for both tissue and kraft paper.

  • De-inking agents.
  • Matizers.
  • Coloring.
  • Optical whitening.
  • Wet strength agents.
  • Dry strength agents.

Processing aids

Products focused on a good runability of the paper machine, always thinking of being facilitators of better production rates according to the customer’s requirement.

  • Stickies control.
  • Biorefining enzymes.
  • Dispersion agents.
  • Anti-foaming.
  • Pulping aid.
  • Barrier load.
  • Biocides.
  • Bleaching stabilizers.
  • Clothes cleaning.
  • Paraffins control.
  • Pasivants.
  • Softeners.
  • Retention and drainage agents.
  • Color workers.

Products for conversion

We have a variety of adhesives adjusted to the different needs in tissue conversion:



Tail sealing

Our lamination adhesives have a very good penetration intensity and are designed to be applied in products such as toilet paper, hand towels, kitchen towels and napkins.

  • Transfer stickers.
  • Sealing tails adhesives.
  • Lamination adhesives.


Our portfolio is addressed to the following sectors:

  • Tissue.
  • Packing.
  • Molded.

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